Set it & forget it.


As busy professionals, we understand the cost of disruption—whether during a busy workday or cherished time off. Marigny Management is designed to the handle day-to-day operations of your rental unit, as well as last-minute requests from guests.


Screening & Booking

Our primary goal is to run your rental property without a hitch. That means screening inquiries and only accepting guests that will respect your rental unit.


Support & Concierge

If you've hosted before, you're likely aware of the plethora of questions some guests have – ranging from obvious to obscure. We respectfully respond to each inquiry with the helpful info guests are looking for.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Our Service Level Agreement guarantees that your property is ready for guests under all circumstances. We clean, fix, and re-stock to ensure that your unit is always ready.

For any situation.


When it comes to individually-owned vacation rentals, no two situations are alike. We can tailor our service to fit your needs, whether you're new to short-term rentals or exhausted from the constant upkeep.


New Rental

We can design and furnish your empty space. You'll be welcoming guests in no time.


Furnished Apartment

We'll create an optimized listing and handle the nitty gritty – like setting up guest wifi and keyless entry.


Existing Rental

You already know what's involved. Transfer your listing to us and get those hours back.

See for yourself.


Our clients' rental units throughout New Orleans consistently boast five star reviews and — most importantly — satisfied owners.