Jordan Jacobs

Jordan Jacobs graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor’s degree in Math. Capital One recruited Jordan shortly after graduation to build a acquisition valuation model used to make $100 million in marketing decisions every month. While at Capital One, Jordan received the prestigious “Top Recruiter” award from the Executive Vice President before being tapped by Merkle to manage a similar campaign at DirecTV.

Originally from Orlando, Jordan has always dreamed of living in New Orleans and contributing to its vibrant culture and music scene. In 2016, he bought a house in the Marigny Triangle. After several disappointing experiences with local Airbnb co-hosts, Jordan began building Marigny Management so that he, his friends, and family could continue to live and work in New Orleans while renting out their spaces.

Today, Jordan is pursuing an MBA at Tulane University, while Marigny Management handles thousands in booking revenue each week. 


Katie Jenkins

Katie assists Marigny Management with properties all over New Orleans. She is hard-working and personable. She finds joy in good friends, great food, and her dog Griffin.


Max Chidel

I’m Max. I am a real estate and property management entrepreneur. I am from Washington DC, love New Orleans and I like football, friends and good fishing holes.